About Us

UR Consultant

A branch of national company, is specialized in providing modern dental care (academically and clinically)through clear strategies with future aspects in mind.

Our Goal

To reduce patient dental suffering through providing accurate diagnosis and treatment at once, in cooperation with highly qualified dental Consultant inside and outside Kingdom through distinct medium.

About Us

The idea of "UR Consultant" conceived around three years back. It's been our greatest aspiration to serve the people of Kingdom with a clinical setup equipped with advanced and latest technologies. And now the idea has come to fruition. We have set up super specialty patient care with keeping in mind the safest practice atmosphere which consists of seven dental clinics and a sterilization center to provide various dental services.

General Director and Medical Director:

Through my practical and administrative experience in dentistry since 1995. even before opening of Your Consultant Clinics in 201, it was revealed to me the need for studying the accumulated themes and proposals with me to establish Your Consultant complex to become a real model for providing correct services in dentistry fields in an integrated and correct manner and to lessen the suffering of patients in this specialty and to provide services in a scientific manner that does not belong to the desires of the physician or available capabilities, but to make the treatment provided  the best of available alternatives to the patient together with stating all different treatment methods that are commensurate to the state of the patient without lessening quality of the treatment provided.I have exerted painstaking efforts to make use of the best dental and administrative staff eg : dentists, dental assistants ,lab technicians and different administrative staff to achieve these objectives and creation of health environment that leads us to become a good example in the community for the sake of human being health. We did not neglect our social role to promote community culture due to significance of oral and dental health and we will provide the suitable funds and effort to make our mission reaches those in charge of us.And I will become persistent and adhere to the least minimum details to attain most of what we have planned for.

Executive manager (CEO)

We will do our best of experience to make the work environment at (Your Consultant advanced dental center ) aiming towards innovation and providing the best of services through making comfort means available to employees as well as providing all that needed by the medical administration to gain satisfaction of the patients and their servicing in the correct manner. 


Moustashrak dental center contain 12 dental clinics of different specialties by the US A-dec dental chairs of good reputation and leading company in dental chairs manufacturer that is specialized in dentistry and characterized by specifications assisting the physician to provide the best dental services in addition to it specialization in return-preventing suction characteristic and other characteristics of high suction, Swiss manufacture, and manual tools of Italian manufacture and all constituting international companies of goods reputation operating in the filed.Sterilization centersThe Complex consists of two centers for central sterilization equipped with the best of sterilization devices and disinfection materials complying with international controls as approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health. Alternatives have been observed upon disconnection of electricity or water from the Center through presence of standby generators and alternatives of sterilized water, if required.Diagnostic radiologyThe Centers has two centers for CT conical of three dimensions 3D and panorama and cephalo-metric x-rays in addition to mouth radiology that is available in all clinics.